Passion, experience and the ability to change: this is what makes us strong.

It was on 24 October 1951 that Dino Pieraccioli founded the Calzaturificio CPD, now known as Calzaturificio Carisma.

Then, in 1968, when all his children had entered the business and the first plant was built the factory begin its rise in the field of women’s footwear. Success continued steadily until the 1980s when the company entered a period of rapid growth as American firms moved their production to Italy.

Our company became increasingly well-established on the market until the middle of the 1990’s but then, when emerging nations began producing low-cost footwear, we had to change in order to fine another key market.

And it was the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy, attention to each and every detail, seriousness, professionalism and a serene workplace environment, that pointed us to the new “road”. The distinguishing features of Carisma’s products and production methods – the excellence of Italian products, the value of craft workmanship and skilled professionals who can respond effectively to the requests of an increasingly knowledgeable demanding clientele – allowed us to find a new market niche: high fashion footwear.

When Cristiano, Dino’s grandson (nipote da nonno), entered the company, he upgraded the firm’s organization, awareness and knowledge so that we could be a reliable, tested partner for our clients, a partner that offers quality, flexibility and, above all, service.

In other words, we are not mere suppliers, but a reference point that always offers the best. Our continuing investments and our quality and social accountability certifications are concrete proof of our commitments.

Nor should we overlook the way we care about people. Over the years, the staff has grown with the company: we now have 40 employees, and most of them began and advanced their careers here with us.

As further proof of our commitment to renewal, Calzaturificio Carisma took another important step in 2013 when we introduced the children’s line, the natural complement to our offer.

It is a new service, one of the few in Tuscany, and it confirms that we are dedicated to research and growth as we carry on our nearly sixty years of tradition with ever fresh impetus.

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